Serverless at 30,000 ft

with Marcin Sodkiewicz 

Thursday, February 15th @11am Pacific

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Join us for an exciting talk with Marcin Sodkiewicz, Principal Software Engineer at RyanAir, as he shares insights into RyanAir's transition from a traditional data center to a serverless-first cloud approach on AWS. With over 3,000 flights every day, learn how RyanAir managed this significant shift.
Is serverless computing only beneficial for small companies and startups? Marcin will address this question, providing a glimpse into the cloud migration experience at RyanAir. Discover how adopting a serverless architecture has impacted operational costs and whether it's a suitable model for your organization.
This session is perfect for those curious about the practicalities of serverless computing in large-scale operations. Don't miss the chance to gain valuable insights from RyanAir's journey.

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