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with Matt Martz

Thursday, March 21st @12pm Pacific

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Jump into the world of AWS Native Service Events with Matt Martz, Principal Architect at Dfinitiv, in a session dedicated to uncovering the events published automatically by AWS services. Matt's talk will cover how to discover these events, understand when they're published, identify their schemas, and subscribe to them to respond to various activities within your AWS account.

Highlighting practical applications, Matt will share how he leverages these events in his CI pipelines, using them as a dynamic response mechanism to deployments. Beyond functional utility, he'll also explore the innovative concept of using these events as a form of event-driven documentation, offering a unique approach to understanding and documenting system behaviors and interactions.

This session is perfect for developers, architects, and DevOps professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of AWS's ecosystem and harness the power of native events for more efficient, responsive, and documented systems. Whether you're aiming to optimize your deployment processes or seeking novel ways to document your systems, Matt's insights into AWS Native Service Events will provide valuable perspectives and techniques to elevate your cloud computing practices.

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