A Look Into CloudEvents - The New Standard For Event-Driven Architectures

with Omid Eidivandi

Thursday, March 28th @12pm Pacific

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Come join Omid Eidivandi, Solutions Architect at Groupe La Centrale, as he discusses the CloudEvents standard - a recently graduated project by the CNCF. This session covers how the CloudEvents standard is normalizing event-driven architectures by providing a uniform way to describe event metadata. This standardization is crucial for simplifying communication across both internal and external systems by providing seamless integration and enhanced interoperability.

Omid will highlight the importance of CloudEvents in establishing bounded contexts, which clarify system interactions, and how it supports strongly-defined communications. Learn how this new standard can help you observe and manage events more effectively, making your systems more responsive and reliable.

This talk is ideal for developers, architects, and tech professionals eager to start using the CloudEvents standard to normalize data across diverse platforms and streamline event-driven processes. Join us to see how CloudEvents can take your architecture's efficiency and communication capabilities to the next-level.

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